• Whether you refer to your favorite carbonated drink as a pop or soda, these drinks cause damage to your teeth.  Recently, studies have shown that one of the biggest causes of tooth decay is linked to soft drinks. In addition to tooth decay, soft drinks can lead to obesity and even type 2 diabetes.  At Little Critter Pediatric Dentistry in Appleton, WI families can trust our knowledgeable staff for their knowledge in preventative dentistry and oral health, we want to make sure your loved ones remain in good health.  So, skip the risk and choose a healthy beverage for you and your children.

    Soft drinks are loaded with sugar which targets the bacteria in your oral cavity.  The reaction produces an acidic mixture that damages teeth as it sticks to the enamel.  The interaction lasts for 20 minutes after each and every drink, not just when you are finished drinking.  Thus, if you or your children sip on soda all day long, you have a continuous chemical reaction eating away at your enamel until your last drink.  

    Sugar-free soda is not much better.  These drinks also are comprised of acids that weaken tooth enamel.  If you are going to consume sugary drinks, it’s best to have a glass in one setting and brush your teeth once you are done drinking your beverage.  This will help protect your oral health and keep your smile cavity-free.

    The best way to keep your oral health in check is to avoid soft drinks altogether.  However, if you’re not ready to break the habit, here are some tips our Appleton, WI dentist suggests to keep your smile healthy and safe:

    • Moderation:  Keep soft drink consumption to a minimum to minimize the amount of sugar and acid that damage teeth.
    • Switch it up: Try drinking sparkling water.  Add natural flavor with a squeeze of lemon or lime.  Even flavored sparkling water has less sugar than colas.
    • Hydrate: stay hydrated with water so you don’t look to soft drinks to quench your thirst.
    • Drink, don’t sip:  Sipping on a soda prolongs the amount of damage affecting your tooth enamel and oral health.
    • Rinse and brush:  rinse your mouth out with water after drinking soft drinks and brush your teeth to remove the sugar from your enamel.

    Sodas are harmful to your overall health and your oral health.  Talk to your children about practicing good oral hygiene and remember to visit our Appleton, WI dentist every 6 months for a professional dental exam and cleaning.  By being mindful of what you are putting into your body, you can protect your smile and your health.
    For more tips on oral health visit our Facebook page or call to schedule an appointment with our Appleton, WI dentist family.  We look forward to helping you keep your smiles strong and healthy.