• Tips for the First Visit

    Your child’s first visit to the dentist is a wonderful way to introduce good oral hygiene and oral health habits to your young ones. At Little Critter Pediatric Dentistry, families trust us with their oral health and preventive dentistry needs, our goal is to make healthy smiles fun.  We make dentistry enjoyable and with a good treatment plan for healthy smiles, you have the benefit of setting your child up for a successful lifetime of healthy teeth.

    Children are amazing in how they learn.  They watch us, listen to us, and judge our actions to guide them.  By having a positive attitude when your child has their first visit to the dentist you eliminate anxiety and nervousness from their visit.  To keep your son our daughter excited about their first visit to our Appleton, WI pediatric dentist office, we recommend phrases such as:

    • Our dentist is going to count all of your teeth. It’s fun!
    • The dentist just needs to see how adorable your smile is.
    • Let’s show our dentist how healthy and strong your teeth have become.

    Believe it or not, a simple phrase like “it won’t hurt” creates a negative impact and allows children to question why a visit to the dentist might hurt.  Positive phrases cut away the negativity and establish a good experience.

    The First Visit to our Appleton, WI dentist

    Our team caters to pediatric dentistry and we’ve tailored our office to keep our young patients entertained.  From a coloring corner, to chairside televisions, and even a cute bunny named Gus Gus; we have created a warm, welcoming and bright environment to engage with your child.  The smiles start as you walk in the door and continue as your loved ones take in all the sights.  

    Why Early Visits are Important

    The first visit to the dentist should occur around the time your child turns one.  This visit allows children to start developing a relationship with our Appleton, WI dentist, Dr. Keta.  After a quick tour and introduction, we will count their teeth and talk with you about any oral health concerns you may have.  When you start your child on a path for a great smile, it will be easy to continue with a good oral hygiene regimen the rest of their life.  
    Oral health is fun and even better when you start off on the right foot.  Start brushing your child’s gums and teeth with gentle cloths or a small, soft toothbrush twice a day.  As more teeth become exposed, introduce flossing. Then, when your son or daughter’s first birthday rolls around, schedule an appointment with our Appleton, WI dentist.  These actions will ensure your children learn the importance of oral health care. Learn more about our team and Appleton, WI dentist office on our Facebook page or stop in for a quick tour to see why Dr. Keta and our staff are perfect for your dentistry needs.