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    Many types of beverages lead to cavities. Our Appleton, WI dentist most often sees cavities in children who drink milk, juices, sports drinks, energy drinks, and soda. While milk is healthy for us, so is brushing teeth. Remove the sugars of these beverages by brushing their teeth or instructing them to brush if they are older. Soda is another cause of cavities. The sugars that adhere to your teeth after every sip you take sit on teeth for 20 minutes or more. Sugars in soda react with the bacteria in your mouth and prompt tooth decay.

    Sweets and Candies

    Children love getting their hands on sweets. A treat once in a while is fun, provided it is followed with brushing and flossing. However, your child will get cavities if the treats are consumed every day or multiple times a day without a good oral hygiene routine. Eliminate unnecessary processed sugars and suggest fruits and vegetables as a daily snack.

    Reduce the Risk

    If your child still is sneaking treats, or drinking too many sugary beverages, try replacing them. A special reward with a fun cereal or a night at the local ice cream parlor is much more enjoyed when sporadic. Still, remember our Appleton, WI dentist encourages regular brushing and flossing as well as visits to our office to check for watches or cavities. With proper attention you won’t have to ask why ‘does my child have cavities?’ You’ll, instead, be celebrating a great smile.

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