• Get It Done by Age One!

    Dr. Keta and the Little Critter team are so excited to meet you.
    According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, a child's first checkup should occur by age one. Even though there may only be a few baby teeth visible at that age, there are plenty of things we can start working on, including the development of healthy habits and familiarizing your child with Little Critter and our team.
    Dr. Keta will help your child get accustomed to the sights and sounds of dentistry. She will show your child every instrument we use on his/her fingers and then in the mouth. Some children are mature enough to sit in the dental chair. Others prefer the comfort of being close to mom and dad, so we use a knee-to-knee technique: your child will sit on your lap, legs around your waist so you are tummy to tummy, and lay back into Dr. Keta's lap. She will conduct a thorough exam and count the teeth, providing guidance on diet, hygiene, enamel quality, watch areas, and abnormalities. Dental xrays will be taken if your child is over four years old or if there is an area of concern. Dr. Keta will discuss a treatment plan, if needed, and your child will choose a prize upon exit.

    How to Prepare Your Child

    *If there is an older sibling, bring your younger children along to their next check-up. Your younger child can see the office, meet our team, and feel at ease as they watch their sibling go through the process.
    *Read books about the dentist. We recommend:
    • Dora Show Me Your Smile
    • Barney Goes to the Dentist
    • The Berenstein Bears Go to the Dentist
    • The Tooth Book by Dr. Seuss
    *Always use positive language when discussing their upcoming dental appointment and show off lots of smiles! Children are likely to reflect the attitude that their parent shows. Remind your children we are simply going to brush, floss, count, and tickle their teeth.
    *Bring your child's favorite toy or lovey along for comfort.

    Above all else, our goal is to monitor and preserve your child’s dental health throughout the years, while forming a trusting and friendly relationship with both patients and parents. So smile, we're going to have fun!

  • New Patient Forms

  • Patient Info & Health History

  • Appointments

    Children tend to do better in the dental office when they are well-rested and fresh. Therefore, we encourage morning appointments, especially for children who are under five years old, feeling nervous, or need treatment. We want your dental experience to be easy-peezy-lemon-squeezy and appropriate scheduling helps us achieve this goal. Also, a dental appointment is an excused absence from school.

    Your appointment time is reserved solely for your child and we make every effort to see you on time, so please arrive a few minutes early. Little Critter requires a 24-hour notice for cancellations. We need this notice to contact a child from our waiting list who is in need of an appointment. If we do not receive a 24-hour notice, we reserve the right to charge your account a broken appointment fee.

    Financial Policy

    Little Critter Pediatric Dentistry is in-network with Delta Premier and Delta PPO as well as Cigna PPO. Our team will file the paperwork for all other PPO insurance plans so you receive the benefits for which you are entitled. We invite you to call our office to learn more about the benefits of your plan and how services in our office may be covered quite well even if we aren't in your specific network. We understand how confusing insurance plans can be and are here to help.

    As a courtesy, our office will verify your insurance with your insurance carrier so long as you provide us with your up-to-date and correct insurance information no less than 2 business days before your child’s appointment. Payment for dental services provided, less insurance benefits, will be expected at the time of service.