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  • Establishing an Oral Hygiene Routine Early in Life

    Our instincts drive us to protect our children; making sure they are safe, happy, and secure.  In their early months and years we feed our kids healthy foods, keep them clean, and go out of our way to ‘baby proof’ the house.  However, if we aren’t tending to their oral health [...]

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    Special Dentistry For Special Needs - Our Patients Say It Best!

    When I graduated from residency at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, I had seen hundreds of children with special needs ranging from autism to Down Syndrome to CP to super rare disorders. I learned so much about the joys and challenges of parenting and loving on these kiddos. Working with [...]

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    Our Article in Fox Cities Magazine

    We are happy to be featured in Fox Cities Magazine! The Article Reads: "Little Critter Pediatric Dentistry provides empowering dental experiences for families through the highest standard of clinical and emotional care. Their safe and inviting environment is built on positive dental [...]

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    Advice From The Expert: Expectations Of Your Child’s First Dental Visit

    Dr. Keta shares advice on expectations of your child’s first dental visit, tips to prepare your child and the dental experience at Little Critter’s Pediatric Dentistry in Appleton. Who is Dr. Keta? Dr. Michaella “Keta” Heitzler opened Little Critter Pediatric Dentistry this fall in [...]

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    Meet Dr. Keta at Little Critter Pediatric Dentistry

    There is no place like home – back to work some magic on your munchkins at Little Critter Pediatric Dentistry. Meet Dr. Keta I have known since kindergarten that I wanted to be a dentist. It sounds silly because who really likes the dentist? Well, I did. The spinning brush and array of [...]

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