• We know you're given lots of instructions after a dental procedure. Here are some reminders on how to take care of your children after a treatment so that they heal properly. If you have any questions about what to do, don't hesitate to contact us.

    Care After Local Anesthesia

    Local anesthesia can cause the tongue, teeth, lips, and surrounding tissues to go to sleep or feel numb. When you take your child home after a procedure requiring local anesthesia, please keep the following in mind:

    • Keep a close eye on your child for at least two hours after treatment.
    • Remind your child that their face is numb and that they should avoid chewing, scratching, or sucking on the area as this could cause irritation or abrasions.
    • Limit your child to liquids and soft foods until the numbness has subsided. ex: ice cream, yogurt, smoothies

    Care After an Extraction

    • Limit your child to liquids and soft foods until the numbness has subsided. (ex: ice cream, yogurt, smoothies)  Do not eat anything crunchy that can get stuck in the socket.
    • Warn your child not to put their fingers or tongue in the empty socket.
    • Do not use a straw the entire day
    • While blood-tinged saliva is normal after an extraction, extended periods of active blood is not. If your child experiences sustained bleeding following an extraction, place gauze firmly over the socket and have your child bite down for ten minutes. He or she can also bite on a wet black tea bag to help stop bleeding. If this bleeding persists, contact us.
    • Ease your child's pain using Tylenol or any form of Ibuprofen as directed.

    Care for Space Maintainer Appliances

    • Say no to sticky, chewy, and sugary foods like caramel, taffy, and tough fruit chews like Starburst or roll-ups.
    • Encourage your child to maintain excellent daily oral hygiene.